Parking at the End of the School Day

Parking and access to the school is a continuing challenge. The road at the front of school gets very busy at the end of the school day and the safety of our students is obviously our priority. To that end I would like to remind you that:

  • Students should not be picked up or dropped off in the Visitors Car Park (next to Reception).
  • No cars should be parked in the bus bays along the front of school at the end of the school day.
  • Cars should not stop or park on the footpath opposite the school. As well as being potentially dangerous, it increases the volume of traffic.
  • Parents/carers should never park in the roadway leading to Nestlé. This is a private road and is extremely busy with lorries constantly needing access to the site.
  • Parents/carers should not park in St Michael’s car park.
  • Parents/carers picking up students from the Sports Hall Car Park need to park in a designated space either by 3:00pm or wait until the buses have departed at 3:20pm. We do stop cars from leaving the Sports Hall Car Park until all the buses have left. To ensure students’ safety no cars should be moving through the car park when students are walking through it to reach their buses.
  • If parking is not available at school there is a car park a short walk away in Dalston village.

Students have been informed in assemblies that they should not cross the road at the front of school between the buses and must walk towards the village and cross the road at St Michael’s.

PE Department Policy for Non-Participants

From September 2016 students excused from PE due to injury or illness are expected to change into full PE kit to ensure that they can be effectively integrated in all lessons. They will take on the roles of coaches and officials or focus on relevant observation and analysis tasks. We recognise that an exception may need to be made in the rare case when it is not physically possible for a student to change their clothes. However, this policy will ensure that the majority of non-participants can be actively involved and continue their progress and learning.

Exam Results

Further information about our exam results is available here.