The Staff and Governors of Caldew School are committed to working in partnership with the families of our students. Working together we can see them achieve the highest levels of attainment while growing into the independent individuals we all want them to be. Each and every student is an individual who is a valued member of our community and everything we do as a school is aimed at ensuring their success.

On entry to the school, students will join a form group, there are eight form groups in each year. The Form Tutor of each student stays the same throughout their time at the school, whenever possible, as a result we get to know everyone as individuals. The Form Tutor meets their students each day and acts as an academic mentor throughout their school career.

Students will also belong to one of five pastoral Houses. The Houses are named after five of the Lakeland valleys giving each student a sense of belonging to a small community within the school. Whether a student joins Borrowdale, Eskdale, Langdale, Mosedale or Patterdale they will find themselves a valued member of their Houses, year group and the school as a whole.

There is a genuine commitment that students come to value their successes and take pride in their achievements. At Caldew School every child really does matter.

Privacy Notice

Please click on the link below to view Caldew School’s Privacy Notice which will help students and parents/carers understand how and why we collect personal information, and what we do with that information. Our General Data Protection Regulation Policy and Acceptable ICT Use Policy are available on the Governors page.

Privacy notice for pupils in secondary schools, special schools, alternative provision and pupil referral units.

Results of Parents’ Evening Surveys

At our most recent Parents’ Evenings, we asked parents/carers to complete a short survey. You can read the results of last year’s Year 7 Parents’ Evening survey here, the Year 11 Parents’ Evening survey here, the Year 9 Parents’ Evening survey here and the Year 10 Parents’ Evening survey here. We also asked parents/carers of our new Year 7s to complete a short survey at October’s Tutor Evening, the results of which you can read here.

Change of Address Form

Please use our change of address form to let us know you’ve moved and return the completed copy to the Admin Office.