Breakfast Club 8.20-8.40am

For those who have not had time for breakfast or need fuel to get through the morning:

  • Hot buttered toast or crumpet 20p
  • Half hot crusty baguette 30p
  • Selection of jams and butter 10p
  • Bowl of cereal or porridge including milk and sugar 60p
  • Hot chocolate, tea or coffee 40p
  • Extensive selection of fruit juices, milkshakes and healthy soft drinks from 25p
  • Fresh fruit from 30p, dried fruit snacks 15p and 30p
  • Bottled water in 3 sizes 30p, 40p & 50p

Morning Break 11.00-11.20am

  • Cold wraps £1.40
  • Wide selection of filled hot crusty paninis £1.75
  • Bacon baguettes/rolls from 90p
  • Freshly filled baguettes £1.20 and £1.60
  • Selection of sandwiches from 90p to £1.10
  • Homemade plain/cheese scones 60p
  • Pizza slice (pepperoni, cheese or ham) 90p
  • Soup 50p
  • Hot tomato pasta pot 50p
  • Crusty petit pan 30p
  • Croissants 50p

Payment for Food

Ten years ago, Caldew made the headlines by being the first school in Cumbria to introduce a biometric system for food service. This involves taking the fingerprint of each new member of staff or student, usually this happens on induction day. Once on our system, accounts can be topped up at any of the three machines sited around school where a gel pad will recognise a registered person when they place their finger on it. Coins or notes can be fed into the machine on a daily or weekly basis, it is up to the user to monitor their own account and make sure they have ample funds before entering the dining area as there is no money handled at the checkouts, the intention is to speed up the service. The machines accept new and old £10 notes but will no longer accept the old £5 note and the old £1 coin.

All students now have an Ipay account which is the on-line payment system for the school’s catering. If you have not received these details for your child, or need a reminder of the log-in details, please contact the school.

We are happy to provide a weekly or monthly printout of what your child has been purchasing in the dining hall – please contact school to request this. We can also put a daily limit on your child’s account. Please note that this information can also be seen online via the Ipay system.