Ms Vicki Jackson

When sending an email to a teaching member of staff, please be aware because of daytime teaching commitments there may be a delay in a response to your enquiry. Any queries about specific subjects or lessons should be raised in the first instance with the relevant subject teacher or Subject Team Leader. More general issues should be directed to Form Tutors or the relevant Head of House. If at any point you feel that your query has not been answered fully please do not hesitate to contact either Ms Jackson, Mr Hammond or Mrs Atkinson.

PositionStaff MemberContact
Deputy Headteacher (Teaching, Learning and Assessment)Mrs C Atkinson Email
Deputy Headteacher (Student and Staff Development and Guidance)Mr P HammondEmail
Assistant Headteacher (Development and Guidance)Mr P GreenwoodEmail
Assistant Headteacher (Post 16)Mr A JamesEmail
Assistant Headteacher (Achievement)Miss Y NordonEmail
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Maths Hub)Mr M Moody Email
Associate Assistant Headteacher Mr C ClarkeEmail
Head of Year 7 Mrs C McGuinessEmail
Head of Year 8 Miss J Atkinson Email
Head of Year 9 Mrs J McBride
Head of Year 10Mr C Clarke Email
Head of Year 11Ms E Brownlee Email
Assistant Head of 6th Form - Year 12Mrs C Hill
Assistant Head of 6th Form - Year 13Mrs J Tate Email
Intervention Co-ordinatorMiss H HowsonEmail
Head of Department Mrs J RhodesEmail
Miss A HineEmail
Business Studies
Head of Department Miss C McVeyEmail
Design & Technology
Head of Department Miss A StringerEmail
Second in Department Mrs S StevensonEmail
Mr P GreenwoodEmail
Mr P HammondEmail
Miss K JacquesEmail
Subject Co-ordinatorMrs H OpenshawEmail
Miss M HowieEmail
Head of Department Miss V Archer Email
Assistant Head of Department Mrs D HodgkisonEmail
Miss K ArmstrongEmail
Mrs R BainbridgeEmail
Miss J HaytonEmail
Mrs F JamesEmail
Mrs C McGuinessEmail
Subject Team LeaderMr S AtkinsonEmail
Miss H CapstickEmail
Mr R Foster Email
Mrs E Vaudrey
(currently on maternity leave)
Health & Social Care
Head of Department Mrs J TateEmail
Mrs C Wallace Email
Head of Department Mr J RhodesEmail
Mr A JamesEmail
Mr J Johnston Email
Mrs M MacfarlandEmail
Mrs J McBrideEmail
Head of Department Mr S BeedieEmail
Mr M Huntbatch Email
Mr A Runciman Email
Mrs G Wragg Email
Head of Department Mr M MoodyEmail
Second in Department Mr P SharpeEmail
Mrs H Cresswell Email
Mrs C Dawson
(currently on maternity leave)
Miss S HowbridgeEmail
Mrs A Bradshaw (nee Jones) Email
Mr O Price-JonesEmail
Mr P ThomasEmail
Mr D Tucker Email
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs A TodhunterEmail
Modern Foreign Languages
Head of Department Mr M MachardEmail
Mrs L GimenezEmail
Ms E Lioult Email
Mrs J Riddick Email
Performing Arts / Music
Head of Department Mrs S Cooper Email
Ms E BrownleeEmail
Miss M HowieEmail
Mrs H OpenshawEmail
Physical Education
Head of Department Mr M ButlerEmail
Miss J Atkinson Email
Mr J BulmanEmail
Mr O Burns Email
Mrs J Etheridge Email
Miss H HowsonEmail
Mrs A Nicholson
Mr P RodgersEmail
Head of Department Mr B McArdle Email
Mr P BrownEmail
Mrs C Dawson (currently on maternity leave)Email
Mr S GloverEmail
Mrs C HillEmail
Mr B IrvingEmail
Ms V JacksonEmail
Mr R LookerEmail
Mrs F MoirEmail
Dr D RobertsEmail
Mrs S RobinsonEmail
Mr P SeniorEmail
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMr R ParkEmail
SENCoMiss H Howson Email
Skills for Life/Spiritual and Moral Development
Head of Department Miss H CookEmail
Mr C ClarkeEmail
Mrs R Coates Email
Miss E MorrisonEmail
Mr N ThompsonEmail
Support Staff
Senior Teaching Assistant Mrs L Benson Email
Senior Teaching AssistantMrs M Kirkpatrick Email
Senior Teaching Assistant Mrs S TaylorEmail
Senior Teaching Assistant Mrs B Theakston Email
Senior Teaching Assistant Mrs J ThomlinsonEmail
Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Autism Mrs K Wallace Email
Business ManagerMr D FoulkesEmail
Headteacher's PAMiss H VasilicEmail
Library/Learning Resources ManagerMrs R BellEmail
Enterprise and Marketing ManagerMiss C EastburnEmail
Senior Site ManagerMr P HarrisonEmail
Catering ManagerMrs B MasonEmail
Education Attendance OfficerMrs T RichardsonEmail
Exams OfficerMs L MacCollEmail
SEN Administrator Mrs S Smith Email