Home Learning

Learning at home is a very important part of all students’ development at Caldew. Through homework, students will develop skills, attitudes and extend their knowledge. They will be better prepared to make their transition onto the next stage of their education or employment. Students will develop as a result of learning at home if three key groups work in partnership and support. They are the students, their teachers and parents/carers. Without this partnership, students will not reach their potential.

We will endeavor to inform parents/carers when a student does not complete tasks, or their work is of a quality that is below their normal standard.

If you have any concerns about homework, please contact the subject teacher. If your concerns are wider than one subject area, please contact your child’s tutor.

As students mature they will gain differently from learning at home. For Example, Year 7 students will develop routines and good learning habits. Year 9’s should be starting to work independently.

The Year 7, 8, and 9 timetables are designed to nurture these skills using a variety of project tasks and shorter pieces of work.

We are very proud of our Key Stage 4 curriculum. It has an extensive range of courses and qualifications. A student’s curriculum will be personalised to each one. It is therefore impossible to generate a meaningful timetable. However homework is as important as it was in KS3.

Students in Years 10 and 11 should expect to do at least 7½ hours of homework most weeks. These tasks will vary. There will be learning activities. All students will do some coursework (controlled assessment) over these two years. The coursework writing will normally be done at school, but preparation is likely to be done at home. These dates are shown on the KS4 coursework planner. As students begin to focus on exams, they will be preparing for them by reinforcing their knowledge and skills, and practicing exam technique.

Sixth Form

By the time students join our 6th form, they should be independent learners. They need to want to learn and know how to learn. They will be given specific tasks, but just as importantly, they need to be able to analyse their own strengths and areas for development, and work hard to improve. Our most successful students leave Caldew knowing what to learn, and how to learn it.