School Council


Our School Council has more than forty members. Each form group elects one student to be on the School Council. They attend regular meetings, represent the views of their form and are part of one subcommittee:

  • Charity and Events
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Caldew Ambassadors

Each of these subcommittees is led by our Student Leaders – these are Year 12 and Year 13 students elected by the school community. They attend meetings with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to follow up matters addressed in meetings.

The School Council has meetings to discuss issues on any subject regarding school. They are chaired by the School Council Coordinator, Mr Johnston. Some of the things the School Council do/did are:

  • Raising money for a different charity every term, for example: Comic Relief and Eden Valley Hospice. In 2016/17 we raised £1.140!
  • Interviewing new teachers and giving them a guided tour of our school.
  • Added more benches outside so there was more seating for the summer.
  • Added two new TVs to display weekly notes and other information.
  • Sports Committee.
  • Subject Champions who work with departments to develop teaching and learning strategies.
  • Caldew School Ambassadors who are currently working on a litter challenge as well as promoting the School Council at wider school events.
  • Introduced a Keep Left campaign for moving around the school.
  • Worked with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to develop ‘Visions and Values’ for our school in the new academic year.
  • Launching a buddying/mentoring program for younger students in the school.
  • Launching a monthly newsletter to inform you all of what we are doing.
  • Before Christmas, working in partnership with Caldew’s Amnesty club to raise some money for Amnesty International.
  • Working in partnership with the CFFA to raise funds for our school.

Please speak to us about any school concerns that you have or join the School Council to contribute to our school community. We look forward to meeting you!

Mr Johnston


School Council Newsletter